About Us


A journey rooted in the soil of fifth-generation Colorado and the farming lands of Missouri, JR and I are committed to the passion and respect for the earth — our “mission” is our own version of the Green Movement.

Our paths crossed in mutual recognition that we should combine our collective five decades of nurturing gardens, landscaping, canning and preserving home-grown vegetables and fruits, jams and jellies, “killer” pickles, and the very real art of ground root sustainability. We both have lived off the cornucopia of our efforts and now we have founded Pathway Gardening to honor our past, present and future lives and offer nurture and support to our tremendous community of fellow gardeners and homeowners.

Our mission has begun with the love of those juicy tomato plants. As you follow us on these pages, you will see future offerings of in-garden, hands-on demonstrations, instructive landscaping for productive gardens and expanded living space and the yield of our own Pathway gardens. We are happiest with our hands in the soil and bringing that richness into the kitchen for healthful, organic and natural delicious food. It’s an imperative mandated from our souls through the soil — allow us to share it with you!

Happy harvests!

Greg and J.R