SixShooter Science

Innovations inspired by NASA

SixShooterThe EasyBuds SixShooter™ utilizes the same technologies being engineered by NASA to sustain astronauts during longterm missions in space and colonies on other planets.

The EasyBuds™ proprietary LED light hood combines a unique combination of red, blue, and white LEDs. This provides your plants with the complete spectrum of light necessary to achieve maximum growing results. The EasyBuds™ lighting system emits virtually no heat while avoiding a spike in electrical consumption.

Extensive scientific research funded by NASA found that plants grown with LED lighting contain greater nutrient value than plants grown with conventional plant lights. The research showed that LED grown plants contain a higher concentration a powerful antioxidants capable of combatting some of the effects of cosmic radiation. The findings stated that “The nutritional quality of the vegetables meant to feed our astronaut explorers can be controlled by proper selection of lighting used to grow these crops during long range space missions beyond low Earth orbit.”

SixShooterAeroponics is an advanced method of plant cultivation that delivers water and nutrients directly to plant roots via a sprayer. For nearly 20 years NASA researchers have been studying aeroponic plant cultivation. NASA found that aeroponics can produce significantly larger crop yields while conserving water and fertilizer, and reducing pests problems and disease.

The EasyBuds™ team went one step further when designing the SixShooter.™ They incorporated a bubbler into the SixShooter™ which addresses a major shortcoming of many aeroponics systems -- root problems. Plants with large root systems often submerge into the aeroponics reservoir. When this occurs with the EasyBuds SixShooter,™ you simply replace the sprayer with the bubbler. This converts your grow system from aeroponics to another cutting edge method used by leading hydroponic growers -- bubbleponics.

BONUS: EasyBuds™ Nutrients Included with your SixShooter™

Your EasyBuds SixShooter™ comes with enough EasyBuds HealthyGro™ nutrients to grow for three months! EasyBuds™ nutrients are world famous for being the most effective and simple method of feeding your plants. EasyBuds™ nutrients are a one-of- a-kind, proprietary formulation designed to provided complete plant nutrition in an easy- to-administer powder. EasyBuds™ nutrients are the product of decades of experience and research by leading plant biologists and hydroponic growing experts.

"LED Lights Used in Plant Growth Experiments for Deep Space Missions", Linda Herridge "Progressive Plant Growing is a Blooming Business" Nasa Spinoff Publication, 2006

SixShooter Available June 1st. PRE-ORDER NOW.

The diameter of the growing area is the diameter of a 5-gallon bucket.

SixShooter™ $399 with FREE SHIPPING. Order now and receive in June. Includes FREE 3-month supply of plant nutrients.

What's Included: Base unit with electronic controls, reservoir, adjustable light stand, LED grow light, 6-net pots, 6-foam cloning inserts, clay pellets, peat moss, water pump & sprayer, air pump w/airstone and tubing, AC adapter, product manual. Weight is approximately 18 pounds.

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